Currency Strength Meter

Enhance your Forex trading with our full featured Currency Strength Meter. 

Designed for the iPad, features a fast, accurate currency strength indicator data feed, line & bar charts, currency strength alerts, support for multiple time-frames, plus much more.

Multiple Chart Layouts

Display up to 4 charts at once

Choose from 6 chart layout options

Perfect for observing trends as they evolve over various time periods.

Currency Strength Charts

See emerging trends. Live, real-time streaming data.

Tap to reveal or hide currencies.

Pinch & zoom gestures, scrollable.

Currency Strength Bar Chart

Observe currency strength data, tick by tick, in real-time

Real-time highlighting of the strongest and weakest currencies.

Currency Strength Alerts

Receive notifications when a currency strength value reaches a predefined threshold.

Or when the strength values of two currencies cross over.

Perfect for monitoring while awaiting a trade opportunity. The app can deliver alerts even when not running.

Lots of Settings...

Customize your time zone settings to match your Forex charts.

Personalize chart colors and visual style to suit your taste.

Modify the alert sound and prolong its duration.